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Artful Confidence

Mentoring By Meg Berry

About Meg

Functional strength and regenerative fitness expert, #1 Top 40 singer-songwriter producer, founder, creator and mentor, Meg Berry, is a multi-talented thought leader.  Meg grew up traveling all around the world living in a multicultural multi-ethnic household, moving between four different continents and attending 13 schools in the span of 14 years. At one time, Meg spoke, read and wrote 7 different languages (French, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Farsi, Tagalog and of course English).  Lucky for Meg, being a highly-adaptable, genuine people-loving person came with the territory. The icing on the cake? Meg’s diverse background led to a life of creativity, innovation and multifaceted expression.


Meg is the proud founder of Artful Body, a South Orange, New Jersey-based wellness studio and its’ online partner  Offering Zoo Core for Kids, MomCore Rx for perinatal women, and 4 Core (formerly Tantra Core), all of which are regenerative fitness programs created by Meg Berry that combine cutting-edge exercise science with proven ancient philosophies of wellness.  The studio’s mantra – Create Your Health, Create Yourself – is aimed at setting an artful standard of self-connection and beauty.  Through her functional fitness expertise, Meg specializes in mentoring high-performers to leverage their vulnerabilities and spring-board past “Imposter Syndrome” and “Success Stress” into making an authentic and ground-breaking impact.


Long drawn to functional health and regenerative fitness along with a desire to make it’s effectiveness accessible to everyone, Meg is thrilled to be offering free tools and confidence-boosting programming on her Youtube channel  These tools are the same ones that Meg used to overcome her lifelong PTSD and body dysmorphia. Proof positive?  The day Meg was able to look at herself in the mirror, and completely surprise herself by uttering and fully believing these three vital words: “I love myself.”


Meg is the author of a deeply personal play, “No Shame,” which tells the story of her journey to heal while writing and recording her Gotham Country musical “Half a World Away.”  “No Shame” documents how Meg used regenerative fitness to heal from the personal trauma of violence and depression, recovering so much that she successfully returned to being a #1 Top 40 singer-songwriter producer in the music industry after fleeing in overwhelm after traumatic events surrounding the major label bidding war she originally inspired. Through her performance in both the play and the musical, Meg invites audiences to heal as well, individually and collectively. Through this work, in addition to one-on-one mentoring, consulting, live events and retreats, Meg finds great joy in offering these tools that will work for anyone passionate about fulfilling their own fullest potential.


Meg is a grateful cum laude graduate of Harvard University as well as of 16 different schools, colleges and universities.  Meg Berry is trained in 6 forms of energy medicine including several quantum-physics modalities that have been proven to be effective in multiple blind studies (like BodyTalk, a proven cure for chronic pain published in the American Journal of Chronic Pain) as well as one that is based in cognitive behavioral psychology.  Meg Berry also has 4 Classical Pilates certifications and is a two-time Psalm Isadora-certified Tantra Coach.  Meg has been honored to work with well-over 10,000 people from all walks of life including professional models, actors, dancers, athletes, hedge fund managers, Fortune 50 CEO’s, celebrities, kids, teens, octogenarians, women in all stages of pregnancy and recovery as well as entire families.  A one-time North American Junior Sailing Champion (Optimist Pram Class) who competed on the #1 sailing team in America with Olympic medalists while pursuing a professional career in modern dance, Meg is at home around innovative creatives and competitors with a results-driven vision who won’t stop until their fullest potential is realized. Whether it’s raising millions of dollars to fund literacy programs in parts of Africa and Afghanistan, playing a pivotal role in 25,000 impoverished children in NYC receiving life-saving food every year or supporting a client through defying all of the odds and saving her own life so that she is still here to raise her three young children, Meg thrives in situations that make most people wilt thanks to her talent for turning breakdowns into break-throughs, leveraging it all to achieve a whole new level of health and optimal-performance.

How My Mentoring Has Helped Others

"I was on a natural high after my first experience."

Nubia DuVall Wilson - Writer, Television Producer, Mental Health Advocate

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I Can Do It!

Through her own hard-earned life experience and learning, Meg's beautiful evolution empowers others, inviting them into the unique transformational portal she has created that combines Functional Fitness modalities like Pilates and Tantra. Here, you connect with the power of your voice, your primal intelligence and become pure integrated presence, mind, body and spirit... (pages 150-157)


Tantra Bliss Breath Meditation

This 18 mins. Tantric Bliss Breath Meditation by Meg Berry is a simple yet effective way to slip into deep mindful breathing. Flood your system with serotonin and dopamine (which makes you feel blissful) and vacuum up any stress in your body and mind.

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What are the main methods of your program?

I call my approach “4 Core” because I use a 4-pronged approach that combines ancient philosophy with modern science- movement, mindfulness, breathwork, and food are the four cornerstones of “4 Core”.

How long have you been helping others?

Well, I’ve been helping others my whole life.   I’ve always been that person- the first on the dance floor, the one who says something when she sees something, picking up the most trash on beach clean up day, befriending the new kid whom nobody talks to (because I was usually that kid).  It was no surprise to me that I made helping others my profession.  Even when I was blasting off into rock stardom, I saw that as helping others- helping others feel safe and strong in experiencing powerful emotions through a song so they could go more confidently into their overall lives!  It’s true- my version of a rockstar was and still is as a Servant Leader.  I started functional strength and high performance coaching in the winter of 2007 in Boston, MA and moved to NYC to work in some pretty swanky upscale studios in November of 2007.

How do you achieve results for your clients?

That’s a bit of a trick question. Honestly? I don’t. I mentor my clients into achieving their desired results for themselves.  It’s far more valuable to my clients for them to be mentored into being their own self-coach because no one can have a greater impact on you than YOU can. I support my clients in reflexively and expertly having their own backs as opposed to relying on what I or anyone else could ever do for them. Why give someone a fish when you can mentor them into being master fisherwomen and men? Step ONE setting my clients up for success in being their own rockstar coaches is having a goal. In fact, I welcome everyone into any group program or event I hold- and I always love to hear from people. However, I no longer take any individual clients if they don’t have a clear goal. If you don’t know where you are aiming to go how will you know you have gotten there?  


Beyond having a goal, the key to reaching said goal is enhancing proprioception and strengthening your autonomic nervous system. Boosting your microbiome helps too. Wait- what??? Proprio-what?  Okay, let me translate that- I guide you in strengthening your mind-body connection and optimizing your gut health. Together we turn these improvements into every day enjoyable habits that are fun. Psalm Isadora used to call this “living in Technicolor” and it is a completely satisfying way to live (because it is wholly true to the best of YOU).

What kind of consulting do you do?

I love consulting.  I’ve consulted across a range of topics on varying projects.  Because of my background studying anthropology, archaeology, and evolutionary biology at Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, combined with my expertise in functional and regenerative fitness in addition to my experience as a successful business owner and producer, I’m often asked to consult on the productization or marketing of wellness or other lifestyle products.  I’ve also been brought in to teach mindfulness to employees in major corporate settings along with being hired to teach college students confidence-building skills.  Whether it’s building mindfulness programs for schools and companies, igniting inspiration by being hired to speak in a targeted setting or strategic advisement email to let me know if you have a project you’d like consultation on.

What is included in your program?

Currently, each program is custom-tailored to suit the needs of an individual client.  To apply click here.

Where can I get started with you?

I’d love to hear from you!  Space is very limited, nonetheless, please apply because I can connect you with resources no matter what.  To apply click here.

What inspires you to stay confident?

What inspires me to stay confident is the terror of really going for creating what matters most to me in this world! I have spent years advising my clients never to try to get rid of their insecurity (aka “Imposter Syndrome”) but rather to make use of it- to leverage it. Thankfully Harvard Business School recently published a study showing that my intuitive approach, scientifically speaking, is also the optimal approach. So what inspires me to create my confidence every day is going for my BIG dreams, shooting for the moon daily.  


This means knowing, every day, that as I shoot for the moon and beyond I am willingly facing the terror of insecurity as well. But I also know that this means meeting the insecurities of the day, befriending them, maybe having a cup of joe with those fears or anxieties, and sharing a languid chat with them before I leverage all of the fear to literally grow new confidence. It’s a very cool process.  It’s certainly never boring. And it WILL work for you if you work with it. There are no limits to what you can do when you learn to create yourself with intention.

What Are Others Saying?


“I was on a natural high after my first functional strength experience. Not only was it fascinating to learn about the centuries-old history of yoga, tantra, and regenerative fitness from Meg, but it was also invigorating doing it and reconnecting with my body. Meg has a great fun-loving personality and you can tell that she really cares about teaching people this very special, ancient method of reconnecting with mind, body, and soul to help them improve all aspects of their life."

Nubia DuVall Wilson - Writer, Television Producer, Mental Health Advocate

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