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About Me

A Multi-Talented Thought Leader

I am a Singer-Songwriter Producer, Functional Strength and Regenerative Fitness Expert, Mentor, Speaker, Writer, and Founder of the wellness companies Artful Body as well as Creator of beloved programs MomCore Rx, Zoo Core for kids, the Primal Vocal Toolkit, and 4 Core (formerly Tantra Core), I am a change agent who brings a diverse background to all of my pursuits. I have four Classical Pilates Certifications, two Tantra Coaching Certifications (Psalm Isadora) and I graduated from Harvard University Cum Laude. I have trained in six forms of energy medicine, including several based in Quantum Physics (like Bodytalk cited as the only proven cure for chronic pain in a study published in the American Journal of Chronic Pain), and another that is based in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology.


As a singer-songwriter-producer I was recently nominated for 2 New Music Awards - AC Female Artist of the Year and AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year.  It has been a complete honor to be named alongside major label legends like Adele, Billie Eilish, P!nk, Dua Lipa, and more.  In my first year on radio, my song “Colored Balloons” spent 3 weeks at #1 on Top 40 radio in the summer of 2021, and then my “The Thanksgiving Song” spent two weeks at #1 on the Holiday Radio Charts.  I wrote, sang, and produced both #1 hits as well as my other two Top 10 hits that year.  My radio ride began when my “Happy Holiday Song” debuted in November 2020 at #3 on the Holiday radio charts.  Live, I was honored to make my solo artist debut at the CBGB’s Music Festival headlining the reopening of the infamous Bar 13 in Union Square to a packed house.  As a singer I have toured the US and Asia in projects ranging from tribal goth bands to rock musicals and I have been praised everywhere from Billboard Magazine to the Boston Globe.  I live and record for my record label Farm to Table Sounds in a big ole barn in South Orange, NJ.  I have written an alt-country body of work in my signature Gotham Country style that tells the very personal story of the man who goes to war and brings the war home as well as a play, “No Shame” which takes the audience along on my journey to heal from breaking into bits while on the launchpad to rock stardom to return to the music industry and triumphantly debuting at the top of the radio charts.

As a functional strength expert, my programs and I have been praised everywhere from Marie Claire Magazine to Refinery 29.  As a speaker, I've rocked the house everywhere from UCLA and Notre Dame University to the Alchemist's Kitchen and the Assemblage both in NYC. I feel grateful to have worked with people from all walks of life- from professional actors, musicians, models, and athletes to hedge fund managers and Fortune 50 CEO's, celebrities, octogenarians, new moms, women in all stages of pregnancy, kids, teens, entire families... you pretty much name it. As a former North American Junior Sailing Champion (Optimist Pram Class) who went on to sail with Olympic contenders for the #1 Team in the US at the time while simultaneously pursuing a professional modern dance career, I am at home amongst creatives and high-performers who do not hesitate to go for it when it comes to achieving their fullest expression and potential.  Whether it’s raising millions of dollars to fund literacy programs in parts of Africa and Afghanistan, playing a pivotal role in 25,000 impoverished children in NYC receiving life-saving food every year or supporting a client through defying all of the odds and saving her own life so that she is still here today to raise her three young children, I thrive in situations that make most people wilt. I thrive in situations that make most people wilt, thanks to these regenerative fitness tools that have taught me to turn breakdowns into break-throughs, leveraging it all to achieve a whole new level of health and wealth.  When not mentoring a wonderful clientele in my online studio, consulting with companies looking to make an impact or making new music, I love to laugh, cook, dance, swim, ski, travel, hike, sail, garden and hang with my husband and three kids.

Check out the Mentoring, News, Radio, Tantra, Testimonials, & Photos page to learn more! Contact me if you have any questions.

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